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Date 2/17/2012 21:28

Name Kara Street


Comments My husband and I just bought the BEST Siberian from Jolene. We were so worried about buying her online. Jolene was absolutely wonderful!! Her professionalism, communication, and love for her dogs cannot be described in a simple testimonial. It is beyond obvious that her dogs are more than loved. Our puppy arrived exactly when she told me she would. The puppy was beautifully clean and all of her information was clear and up to date. Jolene called us at home to ensure that we were happy with our new family member. She is so knowledgeable about her dogs and shared so much valuable information with me about the background of the puppy and her parents, even back to her great grandparents (that's pretty impressive!!)! Jolene, we cannot thank you enough for our wonderful puppy, Shea. We will cherish her always. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! I would get another puppy for you in a heartbeat!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Date 2/14/2012 18:06

Name Amy Massecar


Comments I bought one of your Husky pups in 2007
Artie Trax he is the most beauitful and well behaved dog I have ever owned.
I have him off leashed trained where ever I go.Even in the Adirondacks! Thank you and I will be getting another one some day.

Date 2/11/2012 12:40

Name Judith & Steve Songy


Comments We purchased "Bo" from you almost 2 years ago - you picked him & a sibling up in Deleware when the owners could no longer care for them. Bo came into our family about 6 weeks after the unexpected death of our male Husky, Kelly. Our other Husky (Gracie)took to Bo right away and she has been the "boss" of him ever since. Coming to meet you & taking Bo home was the best decision we made for our family!

Date 1/8/2012 15:55

Name Andrea Muszynski


Comments I Just ran into a family of your dogs in Saginaw MI Pet smart... I was Hooked, Love Love Love your dogs!!
My daughter and I petted these dogs for 15 mins.
I fell in love <3

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