Date 11/7/2011 19:43

Name John and leslie Neville


Comments We purchased a Malamute and recived him for xmas 2010. His parents are Kibo and Zurry. We named him Sitka and he is just the craziest and fun to watch dog I have ever had. He went Saturday for his one year check up and is 150 pounds and in perfect health. He he is 30 inches from feet to head. He loves everyone he comes in contact with and is one big happy baby. Thank you so much for taking good care of your animals you sell. Happy holidays to you and yours !!!!

Leslie and John Neville

Date 10/31/2011 15:43

Name Thomas A. Becker


Comments I bought a black and white husky puppy from you back in Apr 2008,He was born in Feb 2008.I just wanted to tell you that he[Shadow] is the best puppy I have ever had.He is real good around other people and is a very affectionate dog,Thanks again. Tom Becker
P.S. I would send you pictures of him,but that is something I have not mastered yet;sorry

Date 10/31/2011 15:38

Name Devin


Comments I love how well you treat your animals and you can just see in there eyes how happy they all are. The pictures show me you are a true lover of animals and you truly care more about the quality than the profit. Its quite depressing to see how packed in a lot of people keep their animals. I will definitely be purchasing from you in a few years when I have the money and have settled in a permanent location after getting employed at a Police department.

Date 10/24/2011 1:21

Name EricaMaxine Price


Comments My immediate reaction in looking at the pictures were of a well run, clean and very impressive Kennel.
You can see the care and attention you give your dogs. They are healthy and beautiful. My husband always tells me that he knows I'd have a place like this if we could... maybe one day.

Date 8/13/2011 19:14

Name wendy


Comments Just a quick up date to let you know Nikita is doing very good. She's the talk of the neighborhood and anyone else that sees her.We could not have asked for a better dog.Shes just so wonderful and fits our family perfectly. Thank you

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