Date 2/5/2003 21:41

Name Katie

Location Tennessee

Comments We got a little girl husky from you many months ago (we named her Paige) that is about to turn 7 months old now. We love her dearly. You do a great job with your dogs!!! Just wanted to let you know!

Date 2/2/2003 10:23

Name Wanda Bilbrey

Location Ringgold, Ga

Comments Jolene
We bought the smallest puppy of Samson and Ruby about two weeks ago. We took her to the vet yesterday and he said she was a beautiful dog and in very healthy condition. We named her Callie and she is a wonderful puppy. She is very smart and everyone that see her falls in love with her. She is now eight and half weeks old. She stays in the house all night, we have not had one accident in the house at night. She loves all the animals we have and all the room to roam.

Thank you

Date 11/14/2002 21:54

Name Chelsea Cleary

Location Ironton,Ohio

Comments We love the malamute we got from you!

Date 9/25/2002 14:28

Name mrs. robbie crull

Location rochester, indiana

Comments hi jolene,
i sure have been looking for you...i think my husband and i are about ready to look for a giant malamute preferably female...what do you have that will be really big...our mal female that passed away weighed 152 on the vets scales..color is not really an husband loves the ones with the full hood mask..i hope to hear from you...nice to see things are going well for you..
all my love,

Date 7/30/2002 15:06

Name Jamison Daniel

Location Knoxville, TN

Comments We adopted a male Alaskan Malamute puppy that was a male puppy of Samson about 1 month ago. He had a beatiful red coat that matched his father's. He is approaching 6 months of age.

This has been the most intelligent, playful, and gentle puppy that I have yet to encounter. Housetraining was an absolute breeze using the crate method. He has never barked or whined while in the house unless it is a playful bark directed at one of his toys. It was incredibly easy to teach this puppy what toys were "his" and what toys were daddy's.

He also received a clean bill of health from our family vet when we brought him in for a routine checkup and his final vaccination shots. In fact, our vet sends her compliments to the breeder of this puppy for the excellent health care he received before we adopted him.

At first he was a little nervous of his leash, but now when I pull it out he will start bouncing around smiling that Malamute smile. He never pulls or tugs at the leash when we walk him; but sometimes he just can't resist smelling all the plants and shrubs along the way.

And he is even starting to learn not to "play" with our cat.

Many thanks to the breeder of this animal, Jolene Houghtaling, for the great information she provided when I called her. If you are looking for a Siberian Husky or an Alaskan Malamute give this breeder a call.

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