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32. Large Malamutes & their recorded weights

This page gives you solid data and facts recorded from the IWPA data base and also information from the Doggpower data base. All this information can be researched and found on your own, but I have put this together for you to see very easily all the specific data combined. All the information below is known to be true and factual. The two web sites below are the two places this information was gained from. I guess with the information for you to see you are welcome to make your own conclusion on what "True Sizes" Really Are.

Below are different breeds of dogs that are some of the top weights in their class and breed. These are some of the biggest dogs recorded on IWPA scales from the year 1996-2005.

Breed Name Top / Low Weights of Dog Owner / Handler
Newfoundland Belle Top-126   Low-126 Terry Miller
Rottweiler Apollo Top-147   Low-145 Eddie Cardova
St Bernard Ambrose Top-186   Low-176 Shari Anders
Great Dane Brusier Top-160   Low-160 Kyle Rima
Gr.Swiss Mt Dog Bull Top-124   Low-124 Jennifer Demers
Akita Gigi Top-132   Low-132 Scott Smith
Irish Wolfhound Beaver Top-168   Low-167 Ruth Labarge
Bouvier Sherman Top-121   Low-121 Michelle Jensen
English Mastiff Sly Top-230   Low-202 Frank Wells

Below I have put together all the Alaskan Malamutes that I could find in the IWPA data base, that were recorded 130 lbs or more. This data is compiled from years 1996-2005. This is almost 10 years of recorded weights of the largest malamutes all over the U.S.A.

Alaskan Malamutes Only

Year Name Top / Low Weights of Dog Owner / Handler Weight
1996 Harley Top-130   Low-130 Terry Skinner  
  Kody Top-138 Jeff Parsons  
  Juneau Top-139   Low-123 Karl Welle
  Blazer Top-130 Steve Jackson  
  Arnold Top-164   Low-155 Mary Samuelson
  Sabre Top-144 John Samuelson  
  Willy Top-133 Marcia Ezell  
1997 Boomer Top-130 John Berntsen  
  Kavik Top-136 Craig Hohnbaum  
  Jag Top-131 Jeff Fehrs  
  Highland Warrior Top-162   Low-133 Robert Riddle
  Yukon Kane Top-130 Amy Doty  
  Phoenix Top-141   Low-138 Sean Mackin
1998 Al Top-150   Low-134 Jack Scofield
  Dakota Top-136   Low-135 Robb Kidd
  Rebel Top-165   Low-128 Nathan Sellers
  Grizzly Top-166   Low-138 Nathan Sellers
  Kiska Top-170   Low-124 James Charles
  Kodiak Top-143   Low-132 James Charles
  Tonka Top-138   Low-130 Chuck Gerson
  Cobra Top-145   Low-138 Nathan Sellers
  Barracuda Top-128   Low-122 Ryan Wood
  Koot Top-140 Melody Sayles  
  Bubbadog Top-115   Low-99 Bob Bonacorsi
  Red Top-117 Bob Bonacorsi  
  Blazer Top-140   Low-135 Steve Jackson
  Yukon Top-133 Sharon Spangler  
  Kayak Top-134   Low-129 Mike Raines
  Glacier Top-148   Low-125 Larry Shaferly
  TJ Top-130 Larry Shaferly  
1999 Boomer Top-130 John Berntsen
  Kavik Top-136 Craig Hohnbaum
  Jag Top-131 Jeff Fehrs
  Yukon Kane Top-130 Amy Doty
2000 Avalanche Top-116   Low-114 George Ferrari
  Tug Top-132   Low-130 Lissi Dunsdun
  Storm Top-133   Low-127 Tim Broere
  Balto Top-127 Eve Bagley
  Kobe Top-135 John Stephens
2001 Chunka Top-180   Low-137 Nathan Sellers
  Big Thunder Top-144   Low-130 Sue Ferrari
  Moose Top-167   Low-138 Larry Shaferly
  Kobe Top-165   Low-153 John Stephens
  Moses Top-155   Low-125 Mark Pickrel
2002 Kodiak Top-145 Jason Brennan
  Jethro Top-168   Low-133 Jared Lance Sinkowski
  Kayak Top-161   Low-150 James Cope
  Suki Top-136   Low-121 Kevin Catlin
  Chief Top-133   Low-131 Kevin Catlin
  Falcor Top-129   Low-127 Robert Riddle
  Thumper Top-126   Low-119 Rhonda Wood
  Lakota Top-128   Low-119 Ryan Wood
  Storm Top-137   Low-127 Tim Broere
  Chevy Top-135   Low-130 Lissi Dunsdon
2003 Dakota Top-130   Low-127 Aviva Beach
  Coco Top-140   Low-134 Jaci Rodgers
  Kayla Top-124   Low-120 Nathan Sellers
  Breezy Top-104 Ryan Wood
  Angus Top-150 Jim & Judy Chester
  Bogie Top-126   Low-130 Brenda Lemon
  Goldie Top-142   Low-128 David Heffelfinger
  Buddy Top-148   Low-131 Todd Sheehan
  Tynee Top-136   Low-128 Brian Weldi
  Wolfgang Top-142   Low-135 Kevin Catlin/Lakin Ducker
2004 Josh Top-110   Low-119 Todd Sheehan
2005 Luke Top-138   Low-131 Todd Sheehan
  Shadow Top-132 Pat Deneen

Below are in order from greatest to least are all Alaskan Malamutes recorded on the IWPA scales that weigh 155 lbs or more. Their top weights are recorded in Purple.

Many of these dogs weights fluctuated greatly.

All dogs that had a fluctuation of more than 25 lbs were recorded in Red.

Doggpower also records weights, pulls and events. Many but not all had an average weight from the Doggpower site and the total number of recorded pulls combined and the weights at which the dogs were recorded. All the weights were tallied and that is the Average Weight in Blue.

Rank Name Top / Low Weights Owner / Handler Weight
Average Wt.
1 Chunka Top-180   Low-137 Nathan Sellers
155 lbs
2 Kiska Top-170   Low-124 James Charle
151 lbs
3 Jethro Top-168   Low-133 Lance Sinkowski
141 lbs
4 Moose Top-167   Low-138 Larry Shaferly
146 lbs
5 Grizzly Top-166   Low-138 Nathan Sellers
154 lbs
6/7 Rebel Top-165   Low-128 Nathan Sellers
151 lbs
6/7 Kobe Top-165   Low-153 John Stephens
160 lbs
8 Arnold Top-164   Low-155 Mary Samuelson
9 Highland Warrior Top-162   Low-133 Robert Riddle
151 lbs
10 Kayak Top-161   Low-150 James Cope
142 lbs
11 Moses Top-155   Low-125 Mark Pickrel
139 lbs




Below is information about Pepperhaus Kennels. This kennel's owner, Ron Overgaard started his IWPA career with a 175 lb. Alaskan Malamute - one of the larger malamutes I have found. He also went on to win a 3x gold medal with Can. CH. Shanghai's Von Jobe CDX, WDS. She earned her Working Dog Superior title. See more information about Ron Overgaard below:

Pepperhaus Kennels is owned by Ron & Sandy Overgaard, located in the mountains of SW Washington State. Established in 1981, they produce dogs of excellent temperament, health, structure and working ability. First and foremost Pepperhaus Rottweilers are family members. You'll find Pepperhaus Rottweilers in all areas of competition sports including AKC, CKC and German Sieger shows, obedience, agility, herding, tracking and weight pulling. Their kennel has produced many Champions and Top 10 performance ranked dogs

Ron's story: from the Pepperhaus website:

I've had a life long interest in dogs having several growing up. My interest in competitive dog sports started in 1984 when I saw a weight pull at the winter ski and sports show in Portland Oregon. I was hooked!Mack pulling bags of foodMack pulling bags of concrete  My first puller was a 175 LB Alaskan Malamute named Mack. Yes, he was a bit over standard, but could he pull!! Mack went on to win 3 consecutive IWPA (International Weight Pull Association) Gold Medals. He also earned the IWPA Working Dog Superior title. His record on snow was 3570 lbs. His record on wheels was 6900 lbs. Mack was on TV several times and was a real crowd pleaser. 

My other two pulling dogs we're Rottweilers. A female,V-rated Can. CH. Shanghai's von Jobe CDX, WDS. She was also a 3 time gold medal winner for her weight division, earning her Working Dog Superior title. (To earn the WDS title the dog must pull 23 times their body weight, on three different occasions).  With the Rottweilers, I also became interested in other aspects of dog sports. I started showing in conformation and AKC obedience. Later we competed in the German style shows and Jobe was V rated several times.  My second Rottweiler was, V rated, A/C CH. Bear Paws Axel Independence CDX, BH,WDS. Draugo, as he was called, was a silver medal winner for his weight division, being beat out by Jobe! I also did a little herding with Draugo and Jobe, both earned their HIC.  I now enjoy training and handling for others, as well as our own dogs, having titled numerous dogs in conformation and advanced working degrees.

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